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  • The SLAC cosmic ray web home page. There you can find references about cosmic rays and take a tour of their data center. They have an online cosmic ray detector where you can even make some cosmic ray measurements.
  • Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute has an online cosmic ray detector.
  • MARIACHI is an experiment that makes use of cutting edge computer technology to gather and analyze experimental cosmic ray data collected over a wide geographic area. Located at high schools, colleges and national laboratories, MARIACHI data acquisition computers gather data locally, and securely upload data to the main server located at Stony Brook University.
  • The Berkeley Lab Academy for Science Teaching and Learning has used the Berkeley Detector as part of its curriculum for its course Physics In and Through Cosmology.
  • The Distributed Observatory aims to become the world's largest cosmic ray telescope, using the distributed sensing and computing power of the world's cell phones. Modeled after the distributed computing efforts of SETI@Home and Folding@Home, the Distributed Observatory wants to become the first distributed, data-taking, physics experiment. Click to learn how you can add your cell phone to this project.
  • Electron Tubes has a number of interesting documents on photomultipliers. In particular there is a general article describing the physics of photomultipliers.

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Last modified: January 27, 2011

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