Cosmic Ray Detector

Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory

Well....This Is What I Have Been Doing This Summer

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Henry Cheng and I'm crurrently an undergraduate senior at the University of Californiam at Santa Cruz.. It's been my pleasure to work with Dr. Howard Matis of the Nuclear Science Division at the Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory. This summer, I have been working on a project that Dr. Matis has put together since a couple of years ago. The idea of the project is to design the third-generation prototype of a cosmic ray detector. Its purpose of this project is to manufacture portable and user-friendly detector to study behavior of cosmic ray.

The main body of this detector consists of two scintillators, two phototubes, a circuit board, and a TITM CBL SystemTM.

You may browse through the links on the left and see how this cosmic ray detector is actually made. If you have any questions, comments, or employment opportunities for me, I can be reached at

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Henry Cheng
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